Timber Fences Vs Colorbond Fences

In my opinion if correctly maintained a colorbond fence will outlast a timber fence by 5-10 years. Colorbond walls are produced from steel so the paint will fade and also the steel ultimately rust not so rapidly as treated pine if not hardwood posts will rot through adequate to lose security.

An adjustment developing in popularity to boost living of wood fence is to utilize Galvanised steel posts. Galvanised Steel posts may ultimately rust but the steel is thicker than colorbond steel so the posts will outlast colorbond posts though the wood will nevertheless generally warp, fade and decay therefore still living less time than a colorbond fence nevertheless in the event that fence is maintained correctly if the wood has seen its last days you can just cut the wood framework away and re-use equivalent steel posts for your next fence.

This will reduce the price of your following fence considerably since most of labour in fence building could be the environment of posts which defintely won’t be necessary. The buying price of a regular 1.8m large paling fence isn’t increased utilizing steel posts as light determine steel posts can be used for the same expense as wood posts.

If you wish to update to a higher fence or lapped palings then this will increase the price of the steel posts as heavier determine steel may be needed.Steel posts will increase living of one’s wood fence nevertheless many people don’t like the appearance of steel posts and want their particular whole fence is made from wood therefore choosing wood posts.

Colorbond will generally stay longer than wood walls with wood posts, it’s other disadvantages. The warmth from our hot Australian sun is absorbed to the steel and radiates onto flowers close to the fence that can be damaging to the flowers according to how good the plant manages increased temperature.

Additionally colorbond fencing is easily bent or dented by young ones, creatures or vandals. For this reason i actually do not advocate a colorbond fence that backs onto a public area because vandals apparently love tagging all of them, (spraying them with spray paint) or kicking and denting all of them.

Though there are over 32 colours to pick from along with your colorbond fencing, next-door neighbors often never agree and it may cost a lot to paint one side an unusual color.

In conclusion both colorbond and wood walls have their particular pros and cons as well as your personal circumstances depends which fence type would best meet your requirements.

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