Landscaping in San Diego

When Pacific Dreamscapes was formed in 1998 owner Robert Kramer had the vision of designing, building and maintaining quality landscapes throughout the San Diego County.  In 2001 he graduated from Cuyamaca College with 6 Associate of Science degrees in Horticulture and Landscaping.  With his education in the horticulture field plus years of hands on experience in landscaping he immediately set out to bring a higher level of quality and professionalism to his customers.  As word began to spread throughout the area of the quality of work that Pacific Dreamscapes was known for, it didn’t take long until they had established themselves as one of the top landscaping companies in Southern California. 

Robert has since that time continued to develope his reputation for quality work.  One of the specialties that Pacific Dreamscapes is known for is their unique water features.  Robert has the gift of creating ponds and waterfalls that are the most natural looking of any that you will see in the area.  Each and every project is a work of art that must be seen.  Each one of his employees has their own unique talent.   It is amazing to watch them work  together.  They work as a team to finish the project on time and without cost overruns.Landscaping in San Diego visit our website or local business Landscaping in San Diego


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