Waterfall Design for San Diego

Pacific Dreamscapes takes great pride in designing waterfalls in San Diego County.  A good design is always the first step in creating a water feature.  First you need to calculate how much water will be needed to flow down the stream or waterfall.  If you use too large of a pump, there will be a lot of waste in electricity.  Too great of a volume of water will cause the flow to spill over the sides resulting in a loss of water.  If you do not install an automatic refill valve, your water feature will run dry due to the loss of water, and your pump will burn up.  If you use to small of a pump you will not have enough water to have a good flow over the falls or “weirs”  Some customers want a slow, relaxing  flow which will not keep them or their neighbors up at night.  Some customers want a miniature “Niagara Falls” in their backyard.  It is all up to the customer to determine what the right flow of water will be. Waterfall Design for San Diego visit our website or local business Waterfall Design for San Diego

Second, you need to determine the height of the water feature.  The higher the waterfall, the more volume of water you will need.  Each additional foot of height will reduce the flow, depending on which pump you use.

Finally, choose a high quality pump.  They may cost more initially, but you will save money in the long run due to its increased efficiency.


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