Ponds In San Diego

San Diego has the best weather for sitting around and enjoying an ornamental pond in the backyard.  Ponds are very popular with home owners all around the country, but for most of the U.S. families cannot appreciate their koi ponds year-round.  Koi can be raised during all 4 seasons here in the Southwest.  It usually takes us about a week to design and build a custom koi pond.  It take a little longer if the ground is very rocky and hard, but that’s where the jack hammers come in handy.  After we have dug the pond basin, which is typically 2-3 feet in-depth, we put down an underlayment to protect the rubber liner.  After the liner comes the fun part of “rocking in” the pond.  We at Pacific Dreamscapes usually use boulders around 6″-12″ in diameter for inside the pond.  A layer of Arizona River Rock (pebbles) is applied to the bottom of the pond to protect the liner from damage and from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.  Our liners have a guarantee of 20 years, and are the thickest liners on the market. 

The next step is to construct the waterfall which is where our artistic touch really shows.  The waterfall will give the pond that beautiful and relaxing sound that reminds us of nature.  Next we install a few waterlilies and aquatic grasses to give the pond that final natural look. San Diego Ponds visit our website or local business. San Diego Ponds


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