Pondless Waterfalls in San Diego.

Pacific Dreamscapes designs and builds the most beautiful water features in San Diego County.  We have been constructing all types of water features for over 10 years.  Whether you are looking for a pond, pondless waterfall, or simply a fountain for you courtyard or entry way, we can custom design your water feature just for you and your family.  Lets say that you have an empty slope near an area where your family likes to sit and enjoy the day.  We can convert that slope into a waterfall that will be the talk of the neighborhood.  Imagine relaxing in your hammock in the backyard listening to the soothing sounds of water cascading down boulders.  If you don’t want the routine maintenance of a pond, we can make your waterfall into a “pondless waterfall”.  A pondless waterfall still has all the advantages of a regular waterfall, except that the water continuously recirculates without having any standing water.  These are also called “vanishing waterfalls” or “disappearing waterfalls” because the water seems to vanish into the pebbles at the bottom of the last fall.  The waterfall pump is located in a plastic housing beneath the decorative pebbles at the bottom of the waterfall.  Because there is no standing water, the only maintenance is to periodically apply an algaecide to keep the water clean.  Fish Ponds San Diego visit our website or local business Fish Ponds San Diego.


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